Tuesday, 12 December 2017

W.I.T. Reflection

My W.i.t  is volunteering to tidy up the school with Taryn. we are picking rubbish  up for 2 a week morning tea and in the morning. IT IS NOT FUN  fun. Now we are going to put the Information on a google sites. So we write all the places around school. Then we put how much rubbish in that place and then we show the teacher. Then we make a I movie about are wit and we talked about making a positive difference. It was fun making the I movie tho. Then we post the i movie on my blog and then Im done my w.i.t.     


Thursday, 23 November 2017

healthy foods

Healthy Foods - Trim Milk
(My other post went out too early!!)

Why do we need some fat? If we have no fat we will get skinny and then we will die. There is 0.4mg fat in the milk. The recommended amount is less than 10g.

It can not have too much sodium because it increases your blood pressure. There is 35mg sodium in the milk. The recommended amount is less than 400g.

If you have a lot of sugar you might get diabetes. There is 4.9g in the milk. the recommended sugar is 10g.

It is near the top of the pyramid.Trim milk is really healthy milk for children for every day.  

Monday, 23 October 2017

My teacher thinks I’m reading                                                                               I’m really in my mum’s car zooming  to  the dog show and I’m feeling excited

The Dog Show Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesFile:Wave Pool at Water Park of America.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
My teacher thinks I’m writing
   But I’m splashing in the swimming pool bobbing up and down on the humongous waves.  

My teacher thinks I’m listening
But I’m really at the dog show playing with slimy snails and squishy worms with my best friend Sophia.

Free photo: Snail, Shell, Mollusk, Animal - Free Image on Pixabay ...

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kowhaiwhai Symmetry

Hi my name Is Sophie today I,m talking about kowhaiwhai  my pattern means Its me standing  looking out to the sea I think I choose koru because I like my self and I think mum will love it I think Its a good color because my favorite color Is blue and red.I think I did a great job

Monday, 11 September 2017


We are learning about wit, wit means Wildly  Important Task. We are learning about bugs and we did an i-movie. I-movies are fun and cool, wit is fun I've learnt lots. I've learnt about spiders they have 8 legs and that some centipedes have more than 10 legs and all worms have no legs. Some bugs have no backbones which makes them an invertebrate. this is are blog post for Te Pihinga

 by Sophie https://frankleyinvertebrate.blogspot.co.nz/


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Cross Country

Cross country is fun and cool, it's cool because we got to choose our own thing.

These are the options : relays, fun run or competitive. I chose competitive even though I felt scared to do it. But then I was like “I need to do it.” Our track was around the Francis Douglas farm and one lap around the school, up on the field through the goal post and to the finish line.

I'm going to set a goal. To try to go to the New Plymouth champs next year. I will need to do more training.

Monday, 21 August 2017

This is my family. My animals are in it too.

The puppies are the cutest. Their names are Indie and Reno. I love them.

Then I have 2 cats. One is called Bella and the white one is called Tommy.
There is a picture of me with my brothers who are Jacob and Aidan. We were at nanas beach house and grandad carved some guns for us out of wood .

What have your grandparents made for you? Tell me in your comments;)